Tungsten alloy and other

We handle tungsten alloy for specific purpose, and handle special materials for specific functionality.

1. Tungsten Alloy (Heavy alloy)


Observation on tungsten alloy crystals (500 magnification) with 18 specific gravity.


Sintered tungsten alloy made by mixing nickel, iron, copper and other materials. Changing specific gravity, and material characteristics are possible. We can work on small quantities, and for experiments.

Examples of using heavy alloy.

Fishing lure and dart barrel for heavy weight. Radioactive shielding for X-Ray related products.


Heavy alloy products for shielding radiation.

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2. Porus tungsten


Porus tungsten


Porus tungsten after impregnating emitter

Emitter is impregnated to porus tungsten for improving discharge behavior


Porus tungsten has small holes inside, which are very similar to capillary. By capillary action, we can inject materials we need to fulfill specific purpose. Porosity can be adjusted for specific function. At Takeishi, we are working on developing functional materials.

Example of using porus tungsten.

Electrodes for lamps needing low work function and stable arcing.


Impregnated electrodes for high stable UV lamp

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3. Resin tungsten


Resin tungsten sheet


Tungsten is manufactured by sintering. We mix resin to control specific gravity and flexibility. Resin tungsten sheet is used for shielding radiation. Unlike lead, reising tungsten sheet is not hazardous.

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